what is heather fabric – heather grey – Ash grey fabric

What is heather fabric?

In clothing, heather refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing flecks of an alternate color. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey with another color to produce a muted shade (e.g., heather green), but any two colors can be mixed, including bright colors.

DigitLand carry Popular Heather Grey in Round Neck and Honey Comb Polo with various style and colour series. We also carry V-neck – Unisex style available following colours.

  • V-neck tshirt : Heather fabric : Read/Lt.grey
  • V-neck tshirt : Heather fabric : Milky White/Lt.grey
  • V-neck tshirt : Heather fabric : Charcoal Black/Lt.grey
  • V-neck tshirt : Heather fabric : Sapphire Blue/Lt.Grey

Fabric Close-up shoot: for your easy reference.

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Heater fabric available in Ready Stock T-shirt

DigitLand: Close up view of : Ready stock – heather fabric series in V-neck style

DigitLand Ready Stock - Vneck style tshirt in Heather fabric

DigitLand Ready Stock – Vneck style tshirt in Heather fabric

Ready Stock: Heather Grey-Ash Grey-Black Polo and White-Orange trim Polo

Ready Stock: Heather Grey-Ash Grey-Black Polo and White-Orange trim Polo


Make a Fashion Statement with T Shirt Printing

Make a Fashion Statement with T Shirt Printing

Do you wish to gift the most special and unique presents to your loved ones? How about giving your loved ones a customized t-shirt via creative t shirt printing Singapore?

Stand Out from the Rest of the Crowd

You surely wish to wear something different and stylish to catch the attention of all. The same thing applies for the gifts which you choose for someone special. Looking stylish, unique and attractive and standing out from the rest of the crowd- this you definitely wish when you hang out with friends, go to college or stroll in a mall with your partner. Now how can you feel confident that you are looking different from the rest? Well, even if you shop from a popular apparel store, still you can guarantee to look different and unique. Even popular stores sell hundreds of pieces of the same t-shirts and shirts. So, often you can find someone or the other wearing the same t-shirt or shirt which you are wearing.
What is the other solution? The answer is simple- t shirt printing! With customized printed t-shirts you can make fashion statements and look classy and unique. You can even say what you want to say without uttering a single word. In fact, whether you are walking around in a mall, shopping with your friends or partying with colleagues, you will surely catch the attention of all with your unique t-shirt.

T-Shirt Printing is for All

You can get a t-shirt printed in the same size, style and design which you wish. Whether you are a guy or a girl, tall or short, wear small size or extra large, you can easily ensure credible t shirt printing Singapore via contacting a prominent t-shirt printing store. All you need to do is explore online and find out a reliable and affordable online store that offers a wide array of t- shirt printing services. Now, whatever your requirements, whether corporate printing, class tee and any other tshirt printing needs, you just have to inform them and they will supply complementing t-shirts. Isn’t it any extremely easy and smart way to fulfill your t-shirt printing requirements? There is no stopping you! Gift the best customized t-shirts to your loved ones or make fashionable statements everywhere. You are sure to win the appreciations of all via your smart, classy and highly affordable printed t-shirts! Contact Information: 111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza #04-15 (above Bata shop) , Singapore 179098 Email: [email protected] Tel: (65) 6336 0785 Fax:(65) 6336 0603

business shirt

Customized Polo T Shirt for Corporate

Customized Polo T Shirt For Corporate- A Unique Promotional Tool

Corporate companies which have decided to use T-Shirt as promotional tools should give serious consideration in choosing the supplier. This is because only the best t-shirt suppliers can provide you with the best deal as per your budget. They can also offer packages including designing and printing of T-Shirts, which means that you are getting customise polo t shirt for corporate within your budget. By giving customized T-Shirts for promoting and advertising your brand or business, you can reap a huge number of benefits.

Create your own Unique Company Polo Tshirt with DigitLand

Create your own Unique Company Tshirt with Embroidery Logo: Order with DigitLand

• Unique Design And Style:

The customize polo t shirt for corporate will be unique. They are custom made and you can make sure that the design and printing is intended specifically for your brand. With custom made designs, you can easily make long lasting impression for your item. Moreover, the t shirt supplier Singapore usually has a team of designers and style creators who invest their skills to design custom t-shirts in unique design to represent your brand.

• Always In Fashion:

The customized T-Shirts will always be in fashion and never go out of the style. When it comes to normal shirts, they will follow a specific trend for certain time and change every season. But this is not the cause with custom made t-shirts as they can set the trend and even become the pioneers of fashion.

• Best Promotional Tool:

The customized t-shirts that you have obtained from t shirt supplier singapore will have ample space for the brand, where you can print short messages that have to be delivered to your clients or customers. You can also get them with exceptional designs and vibrant colors that make anyone to fall into love immediately.

• Personalized:

The major reason to use customized t-shirts for promotion is that they boast personalized feel and speak behalf of your brand.

Digitlandsg is specialized in supplying customized polo t shirts for corporate at affordable prices. The company also provides designing and printing services to their clients as a package.

If you have designated thousands of dollars on promotional items to advertise your business or brand, then you should invest on the best advertising tool. There can be nothing better than customize #‪#‎polo‬ t shirt for corporate to be used as a promotional tool but it is crucial to choose the best supplier.


Choosing The Right T-Shirt Printing Services

Get T-Shirt Printing And Cap Manufacturing Services From Established Firms

Choosing The Right T-Shirt Printing Services

Well designed and high quality custom T-shirts can attract the attention of a huge number of people and can have longer life span when compared to any other promotional product. Today, you can find several companies offering custom tshirt printing services to businesses. But, not all of them can keep up their words. Hence, it is your onus to choose the most reputed and renowned service provider in order to get mind blowing printing services. With the help of internet, you can easily find a company that offers tshirt printing services at affordable rates. Moreover, you can also check its reliability and experience in the industry.

Choosing The Right Cap Manufacturers:

Apart from t-shirts, customized caps can also be used for promoting your brand or business. It is true that people of all ages and irrespective of their gender prefer wearing caps. So, the best way to reinforce the presence of your company is to provide customized caps as promotional products. You can easily find a cap manufacture company that comes up with custom designs suitable for your business kind. With these caps, you can provide a little gratitude to your customers who will in turn pay you with constant support and commitment. The cap manufacture company which you choose should have good history in terms of designing and manufacturing custom caps for business.

Digitlandsg.com is one such company that has been in the industry in manufacturing custom caps and t-shirts for businesses.


Wearing Custom T-Shirt

Obtain a Stunning Appearance on Wearing Custom T-Shirt Singapore

For men, who are fond of sports and are normally seen dressed in casuals, then polo t shirt, Polo tee can be ideal for them. These polo t-shirts have always been found in trend and they should occupy a main place in the wardrobe of every men. Polo t-shirts are easily available in abundant in wide range of colors that you can choose based on your choice.

Popularity of polo t-shirts

In the earlier days, polo t-shirts are only seen worn by polo players and tennis. Now, polo t shirt, Polo tee are highly popular for their stylish and comfort look and has also become a common form of outfit for men of all ages. You can pick from a diverse collection of polo collar t-shirts as well as casual day outs. You can even pick from a variety of half to full sleeves and sleeveless polo t-shirts to better cater your requirements.
Polo t-shirts for all occasions

Polo t-shirts are designed in such a manner that they can be matched with denims for more casual appearance or for a semi casual look. You can explore a variety of solid polo t-shirts if you search for something sober, whereas the bright striped polo t-shirts are additional attraction with the use of smart tone combinations.

Custom t-shirt

It has now become possible to personalize and customize a t-shirt in a design preferred by an individual. Buying custom t shirt Singapore is a perfect option to discover multitudes of cool-looking designs imprinted over t-shorts for men, women and even children. With so many to choose from, it is very simple to get that one-of-a-kind tee which displays your personality. You are sure to come across custom t shirt Singapore in different color, styles and sizes. You can check for your favorite design on classic, organic and v-neck tees. It is simple to design and customize your own custom t-shirts by simply including images and text with the online designer.

You can discover a wide collection of custom t-shirt Singapore and polo t-shirts in variety from digitlandsg.  Author:

Polo Tees as a form of Team IDENTITY

Polo Tees as a Form of Team Identity

In today’s day and age, team building becomes a very important task that companies need to manage. For a team to function efficiently together, they need to be able to get along well with each other and spend time in each other’s company without too many negative consequences. A number of companies have taken this forward through group activities and team building exercises that facilitate team bonding and working together.

Another way to manifest this bonding is through clothes. Since it would be expensive and rather difficult to buy individual costumes, most employ like coloured tshirts, polo tees, and other shirts of a similar nature to show belonging to a particular group. Not only that but it is also extremely convenient to invest in a bulk order of apparel with a class tee design for both men and women without having to spend too much and also appeasing the need to classify groups based on colour.

Not only for team building activities but also for numerous other events and even competitions does the use of similar tshirts function as a sort of unofficial uniform to demarcate teams, groups, institutions or organizations. As options increase with numerous companies investing even more in these apparel, various other forms of clothing and accessories such as caps, lanyards, keychains etc are also used to signify the belonging to a particular group or organization.

While the visual and physical representation is obvious that all members are dressed the same, psychologically too, it allows for better work as a team. Observing a standard uniform of sorts of a polo tee or classic tee along allows the group members to feel a sense of belonging and equality. With emphasis being put on overall development of an individual as well as focus on employee self esteem and stress reduction, the number of events organized by companies is increasing.

Sports events, talent shows, outdoor and indoor team building events, exhibitions, open houses etc are all now part of the company set up and the best way to promote team unity is through the quick and easy use of a standard coloured tee to signify the team or company to which the individual belongs. Individuals too find it easy to maintain and also to wear as a more casual form of the company’s identity when they are representing the company outside.

Digitland, a reputed supplier of printed and non printed apparel and gift ideas would be an ideal place to fulfil any requirements for bulk polo/classic tee designs .


Wear Trendy and Fashionable T-shirt

Wear Trendy and Fashionable T-shirt Designs Made by Credible Printing Services

#Printed T-shirts are creating huge waves in the industry. If you plan on having a start-up then these T-shirts can help you to promote your #Brand business.

T-shirt Printing for Brand Building

When you open a new business, your products and services need to make a deep impact on the minds of your customers. You invest in printing pamphlets, brochures, free samples and other promotional tools. This is a good strategy, but unless you are a big shot company, people will hardly look at your brochures or pamphlets. Samples will be used and then forgotten. Here is where a class tee design comes into the picture.

Having a good printing service company design T-shirts conveying your company brand and logo can get you a good customer potential. When it comes to printing the t-shirts, ensure that you keep the design as subtle as possible. Messages that you want to print on the shirts need to be to the point.

Ensure that you choose good quality fabrics for the T-shirts. You do not want your customers to wear shirts that fade within time. If you are promoting toys or educational items, then go in for bright T-shirts with cartoons or inspiration messages on them. Similarly you can either go for unisex or design different colour T-shirts for men and women.

Researching for the Right Printing Service

When it comes to searching for the right printing services, you are flooded with a lot of choices. If you live in Singapore, then you might come across many T shirt printing Singapore companies that offer excellent services at affordable rates.

The factors to be taken into consideration while looking out for credible printing services are as below:

  • How long has the company being in service?
  • Ask for samples of their work
  • See if the quotes offered by the company fits well into your budget

Customer Feedbacks

Still in doubt on the credibility of the company, then check for customer reviews. When you have short listed your printing service companies, ensure that you make a quick visit at their place to see for yourself how they work and if their staff is efficient and friendly.

Call up their earlier clients and ask for feedback. Is the quality of their work credible? All these questions can shed some light on the overall professionalism of the company.


class tee printing

Class tee printing


Class tee printing | Singapore Class T-Shirt Supplier

DigitLand supply class tee printing service in Singapore.

Class Tee Printing, Class Tshirt Printing service is one of our popular service in DigitLand Singapore. We supply with printing your class tee, Camp tee, CCA t-shirts at affordable price.
We Supply Class tee, CCA tee with printing or Embroidery CCA Crest or Logo – all can request.
Printing individual name and individual number as in optional request.
printing for running singlet, Class Hoodies, Class Jacket all possible at DigitLand.Choose from our Ready Stock T shirts come in various colors and sizes.
Round Neck cotton t shirt or dri-fit tee , neon color t shirt, all possible at DigitLand.
Visit our website for more info.


Class-Tee-Printing @ DigitLand

Class tee printing, CCA t-shirt printing with Best Price in Singapore.

DigitLand provides together with customise printing of your own Class Tee design and CCA T-Shirt with Logo printing or Embroidery. All can request.

We carry Ready Stock in  Plain Round Neck Dri-fit Tshirt in 16 over colours with size from XXS to 3XL. Basic-solid colour available from 4XS. Yes. they are suitable for primary school students, P1, P2 if needed. check with us for stock.

Cotton t-shirt materials are popular now. DigitLand has a few designs of cotton t-shirt comes in different colours and sizes.
Cotton material are suitable for DTG printing. Please indicate in your email to send you our latest catalogue.
Basic Plain-Solid colour, Ringer, Raglan and 3-quarter Tshirts.

Individual Name and Number printing as an optional request.
Glow-In-Dark printing : optional request.

Send email to us with the following information for more accurate cost:

Your Order Qty, prefer Color of T-Shirt, How big is your design print area?, How many Colours in your design? How many printing position to print. Send us your tentative design in mind.
We will give you our best solution to make your class tee GREAT looking. Order with DigitLand.

SG50 Chevron running tee supply by DigitLand

SG50 Polo Shirt



SG50 Polo Shirt – order from DigitLand | customize printing your logo

Celebration SG50 together. You can order your SG50 polo shirt design from DigitLand. We specialize in supply of customize order of your polo shirt design to print with SG50 logo or embroidery, all possible at DigitLand.

To order Customize SG50 polo shirt design, you can start minimum order as low as  100, 300, 500, 1000 pieces per design.

If you are looking at smaller Qty than 200 pcs, you may choose from our “Ready Stock” Polo shirt design series. Start from order qty 30, 50 pices with customize printing of SG50 Logo and your Logo/design to make it complete, create your unique corporate SG50 Polo Shirt design.

Hurry up.. Time is near.. let’s celebrate together.

Please fill up the table from our website to start enquiry.



Branded T-shirt printing at DigitLand


SG50-polo t shirt-for-tote board

SG50-polo t shirt-for-tote board






Event T-Shirt Printing

Event T-Shirt Printing

Event T-Shirt Printing @ DigitLand : It gives you constant advertisement.

Event T-Shirt Printing and Promotional T-shirts printing essentially serve as a walking billboard, providing people a message about your company, products, and services. Promotional shirts are functional for the users and the advertisers.

DigitLand supply your needs of Event T-shirt Printing to promote your product exhibition.

T-shirts can be worn on a daily basis, by all age cohorts, by both genders and can be paired with almost all types of jeans, skirts, shorts — you name it. This fact substantially increases the reach of custom promotional t-shirts. Apart from being prime promotional tools, shirts, especially the limited edition types, can be given away as prizes for contests and competitions sponsored by the company, as motivational tools to encourage customers to purchase more of your products and as give away items for loyal customers. The thing though is, promotional tees are very cheap options. .

Wearing and giving away promotional T-shirts is a cost-effective way to advertise and spread your message.

Author by: John Halasz

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