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Polo Tees as a form of Team IDENTITY

Polo Tees as a Form of Team Identity

In today’s day and age, team building becomes a very important task that companies need to manage. For a team to function efficiently together, they need to be able to get along well with each other and spend time in each other’s company without too many negative consequences. A number of companies have taken this forward through group activities and team building exercises that facilitate team bonding and working together.

Another way to manifest this bonding is through clothes. Since it would be expensive and rather difficult to buy individual costumes, most employ like coloured tshirts, polo tees, and other shirts of a similar nature to show belonging to a particular group. Not only that but it is also extremely convenient to invest in a bulk order of apparel with a class tee design for both men and women without having to spend too much and also appeasing the need to classify groups based on colour.

Not only for team building activities but also for numerous other events and even competitions does the use of similar tshirts function as a sort of unofficial uniform to demarcate teams, groups, institutions or organizations. As options increase with numerous companies investing even more in these apparel, various other forms of clothing and accessories such as caps, lanyards, keychains etc are also used to signify the belonging to a particular group or organization.

While the visual and physical representation is obvious that all members are dressed the same, psychologically too, it allows for better work as a team. Observing a standard uniform of sorts of a polo tee or classic tee along allows the group members to feel a sense of belonging and equality. With emphasis being put on overall development of an individual as well as focus on employee self esteem and stress reduction, the number of events organized by companies is increasing.

Sports events, talent shows, outdoor and indoor team building events, exhibitions, open houses etc are all now part of the company set up and the best way to promote team unity is through the quick and easy use of a standard coloured tee to signify the team or company to which the individual belongs. Individuals too find it easy to maintain and also to wear as a more casual form of the company’s identity when they are representing the company outside.

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